Digital health service by Hertrika

Hetrika is a digital health service for assessment and prognosis of individual health indicators.

Hetrika is performed by special probability algorithm and uses for the calculation a personal health data and the WHO statistics. Personal health data include data about the current diseases, injuries, risk-factors and self assessment well-being. The WHO statistics used for prognosis include data about the impact of diseases, injuries and risk-factors on health. Accuracy of prognosis depends upon the reliability of personal health data.

Hetrika makes prognoses of the following health indicators:

  • Life expectancy;
  • Health-adjusted life expectancy (HALE);
  • Changing of Health status index over life expectancy;
  • Life expectancy with different health status;
  • Power of health (indicates your possibility for healthy ageing);
  • Impact of each your diseases and injuries on your Power of health;
  • Impact of each your risk-factors on your Power of health;